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Walgreens 101

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  • Just like every other store, Walgreens has a loyalty card. You have to have one to get the sale prices.  (Just go into the store to sign up)
  • New sales start at Walgreens on Sunday. If you are lucky, your store might activate their sales early. This is usually around 4:00 Saturday afternoon. Don’t call the store and ask if they do. Simply go to the store, and ask them to price check an item to find out.
  • Walgreens accepts manufactures and store coupons. You can stack one of each on one product. Every month they release a coupon book full of store coupons. You can find it at the front of the store.
  • If you are buying 4 boxes of cereal and want to use a coupon out of the Walgreens coupon book, you only need ONE coupon. It will take it off for all of the boxes.


They have two different rewards programs, Balance Rewards and Register Rewards.

  • Register Rewards print out at the end of your transaction like at CVS. Basically it’s a coupon that you can use on anything in the store, a certain amount off your total. (Except gift cards)
  • If you get a register reward from a product, it will say on the bottom of it ‘From Crest Toothpaste.’ If you try to use this register reward on another tube of Crest Toothpaste, it will work, but it will not print out another one.
  • If a a product is on sale and you get $2 in RR (register rewards) when you buy 1, then it doesn’t matter how many you have in a transaction, you will still only get 1 $2 RR.
  • At Walgreens, you can’t have more coupons than products. This happens when you might be buying (2) products for example, but want to use a coupon on both of them and then a register reward. This is fine; you just have to add in a filler item. Find something in the store that is really cheap (They usually have .30 caramels at the front) and it will work just fine!

Balance Rewards are points that are tracked on your card. A item might say ‘Buy 2 and get 1,000 points.’

  • 1,000 points is equivalent to a dollar. You can only redeem points at these intervals:


  • The trick is, if you pay with points…you won’t get points.

If you pay with…

Register Rewards WILL get points
Points WILL get register rewards

WON’T get points

  •  Unlike RR, if a product is on sale and you get 2,000 points when you buy one – then you can buy as many as you want in one transaction and you will get 2,000 points for all of them!

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